Because we are Studying a book of the Bible, you can join anytime. You can catch up by reading the book of Luke to where we are and then...

...Find the next friday we meet on the When? you meet page and join us (check the location 'where?' tab also as our location is subject to change in 2021/2022)

if you want to prepare using the study / discussion guide look for the PDF of the study guide on the webpage:

'wHat?.. did I miss?'  

* You are most welcome to visit a few weeks to see if this study is a good fit for you - after two weeks we will ask you to decide if you would like register and join the study; you'll be assigned a study table and asked to pay a registration fee (50chf for the year).

The registration fee is simply to cover our rental, web hosting, refreshments, etc. If you require childcare, there may be an additional charge to cover that cost. See Helen or Elly for a registration form & to pay the fee.