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We gather every week, during school term time on....

There are a few exceptions (like half term, Christmas & Easter school breaks), but the general rule is:

Fridays@9.30 'til 11

Check dates & if it is a social or study week by viewing this page on a desktop or laptop

2023  - Book of Esther

Friday Jan 13TH

Friday Jan 20TH

Friday Jan 27TH

Friday Feb    3RD

Friday Feb   10TH

Friday Feb   17TH

Friday Feb   24TH

Friday Mar   3RD

Friday Mar  10TH

Friday Mar  17TH

Friday Mar  24TH

Friday Mar  30TH

Friday Apr     7TH

Friday Apr   28TH

Friday May    5TH

Friday May   12TH

Friday May   19TH

Friday May   26TH

Friday June  2ND

Friday June   9TH

Friday June  16TH

@9.30am  (social week - New Year resolutions!)

@9.30am  (study week - Esther chapter 5)

@9.30am  (social week - skiing & winter fun)

@9.30am  (study week - Esther chapter 6)

@9.30am  (social week - Valentines true love)

@9.30am  (study week - Esther chapter 7)

half term: school is out....and so are we!

@9.30am  (social week - grass envy & open spaces)

@9.30am  (study week - Esther chapter 8)

@9.30am  (social week - St. Patrick's Day )

@9.30am  (study week - Esther chapter 9)

@9.30am  (social week - spring cleaning)

Easter break

@9.30am  (social week - moving challenges)

@9.30am  (study week - Esther 10)

@9.30am  (social week - summer plans & moves)

@9.30am  (study week - Ephesians 6: 10-14)

@9.30am  (social week - exiting well)

@9.30am  (study week - Ephesians 6: 15-17)

@9.30am  (social week - the band aid of goodbyes)

@9.30am  (study week - Ephesians 6: 17-19)

Summer socials

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