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We gather every week, during school term time on....

There are a few exceptions (like half term, Christmas & Easter school breaks), but the general rule is:

Tuesdays@9.15 'til 11

2023 / 2024 - Books of JaMES, 1 & 2 Peter and 1 John

Tuesday Sept 12TH

Tuesday Sept 19TH

Tuesday Sept 27TH

tuesday Oct  3RD

Tuesday Oct  10TH

Tuesday Oct  17TH

Tuesday Oct  24TH

Tuesday Oct  31ST

Tuesday Nov  7TH

Tuesday Nov  14TH

Tuesday Nov  21ST

Tuesday Nov  28TH

Tuesday Dec   5TH

Tuesday Dec   12TH

@9.15am  (introduction to Faith, Hope and Love in Action series)

@9.15am  (James 1 - Testing your Faith)

@9.15am  (James 2:1-13 - Honoring your Faith)

@9.15am  (James 2:14-26 - Working your Faith)

@9.15am  (James 3:1-12 - Talking your Faith)

@9.15am  (James 3:13-18 - Walking your Faith)

half term: school is out....and so are we!

@9.15am  (James 4 - Protecting your Faith)

@9.15am  (James 5 - Perfecting your Faith)

@9.15am  (1 Peter 1 - Living in Hope)

@9.15am  A chance to give thanks and share

@9.15am  (1 Peter 2 -Walking in Hope)

@9.15am  (1 Peter 3 - Submitting in Hope)

@9.15am  Christmas social - brunch 

Christmas break

Tuesday Jan  9TH

Tuesday Jan  16TH

Tuesday Jan  23RD

Tuesday Jan  30TH

Tuesday Feb    6TH

Tuesday Feb    13TH

Tuesday Feb   20TH

Tuesday Feb   27TH

Tuesday Mar   5TH

Tuesday Mar  12TH

Tuesday Mar  19th

Tuesday Mar  26th

@9.15am  (1 Peter 4 - Suffering in Hope)

@9.15am  (1 Peter 5 - Serving in Hope)

@9.15am  (2 Peter 1 - Growing in Hope)

@9.15am  (2 Peter 2 - Standing in Hope)

@9.15am  (2 Peter 3 - Watching in Hope)

@9.15am  (1 John 1 - Proclaiming in Love)

half term: school is out....and so are we!

@9.15am  (1 John 2 - Abiding in Love)

@9.15am  (1 John 3 - Family traits for a child of God)

@9.15am  (1 John 4 - Believing Love)

@9.15am  (1 John 5 - Victorious Love)

@9.15am  Holy week  - reflections on Easter 

Easter break

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